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Why Are All Class Fees the Same?

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

Some members have asked, “If this venue is free, why do I still have to pay for the class?” Here are a few important points to help clarify:

1. Exceptional Value: Most class fees are only $2 per session, which we believe is exceptional value for the quality and variety of classes offered.

2. Volunteer Support: All our tutors generously volunteer their time. To support them, U3A Gympie covers the cost of Voluntary Workers insurance for their travel to and from classes.

3. Venue Coordination: Our Class Coordinator, Denice, works hard to secure free or low-cost venues. Without her efforts, class fees would be significantly higher.

4. Inclusivity: We aim to ensure that cost does not prevent any member from participating in a class they are interested in.

5. Cost Distribution: Free or low-cost venues help subsidize classes that would otherwise be unviable, allowing us to keep fees low across the board.

In summary, our policy is to make classes accessible to all members, regardless of financial situation, by maintaining low class fees. We achieve this by spreading the cost of venue hire across all classes, thanks to the availability of free or low-cost venues.

We hope this answers the question satisfactorily.

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