AGM 2021

Nominations for the 2021 Annual General Meeting:

Vice President: Nominee – Wendy Flikweert; 

Proposer – Yvonne Athro;           Seconder –  Mary Inman

Secretary: Nominee – Beryl Leggat     

Proposer – Denice McDougall;     Seconder – Margo Brooks

Treasurer: Nominee – Mary Inman 

Proposer – Wendy Flikweert;       Seconder – Yvonne Artho

Class Coordinator – Denice McDougall   

Proposer – Wendy Flikweert;       Seconder – Yvonne Artho

Committee Member – Claire Truscott

Proposer – Wendy Flikweert        Seconder –  Yvonne Artho

Committee Member – Rhonda Whitewood       

Proposer – Denice McDougall      Seconder – Margo Brooks

Committee Member – Rose Becker 

Proposer – Denice McDougall      Seconder – Heidi Kath

All further nominations can be accepted by Committee Members and must be given to the Secretary but will be treated as being received from the floor at the A.G.M.     


The Management Committee comprises of up to10 elected members, including the four office holders (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  Other committee members include:

  •  Class Co-ordinator
  •  Publicity Officer
  •  Newsletter Editor
  •  Three committee members

The President assigns roles to the three ordinary Committee members and may change their titles and responsibilities according to need.

The Management Committee can appoint such sub-committees as might be considered necessary from time to time for the development of the Association.  Such sub-committees shall report regularly to the Management Committee and shall continue to hold office as long as the Management Committee considers necessary.

As the leaders of the organisation, Committee members are responsible for the efficient running of the organisation for the maximum benefit of members.

They also

  • Seek out new tutors
  • Look for resources such as new venues
  •  Suggest new or improved methods of meeting the objectives of U3A Gympie Inc.



  • Is responsible for overall organisational direction and management
  • Is principal spokesperson for U3A Gympie Inc.
  • Chairs committee meetings
  • Acts as principal representative of U3A Gympie Inc. in dealings with other U3A’s, State Council and outside organisational groups or may delegate another committee member
  • Is responsible in consultation with the Secretary for setting the agenda for committee meetings
  • Helps the committee establish goals and priorities

Vice President

  • Stands in for the President as needed
  • Fills in for any committee position temporarily vacant if required
  • If requested, chairs sub – committees


  • Provides prospective new members with information by way of welcome
  • Keeps an up to date membership register of the association.
  • Distributes annual membership cards
  • Collects, distributes and / or acts on all correspondence, including subscriptions
  • Hold the key to P.O Box 600 Gympie
  • Keep the President informed on all correspondence
  • Books venues for committee meetings
  • Notify all committee and financial member of dates and times of proposed meetings.
  • In consultation with the President, is responsible for setting and disseminating the committee agenda in accordance with the meeting procedures guidelines (see page 12 )
  • Advertise Annual General Meeting three weeks before the due date in newspaper classifieds
  • Calls for and receives nominations for all Committee positions
  • Prepares and maintains an information pack on the responsibilities and operation of the committee.  The pack should contain copies of standing orders, constitution and policy guidelines as well as a brief outline of the U3A Gympie Inc. public liability insurance policy.
  • Ensures that each new committee member receives a copy of the information pack as soon as possible, preferably at the first scheduled committee meeting after their election or appointment.
  • Takes, types and distributes minutes ASAP following the meeting
  • Maintains an outline of the secretarial duties and procedures for the next incumbent
  • Follow up letter to students not renewing


  • Pay accounts, receives all monies and writes receipts
  • Collect all Application for Membership Forms and forward to Secretary
  • To collect regularly any rent monies from classes at venues
  • To make regular bank deposits of monies received
  • Provides monthly financial reports and annual financial statements
  • Prepares budget forecasts
  • Gathers information on banking choices and reports to the Committee
  • Keeps incorporation, insurance, registration and banking details
  • Maintains assets register
  • Arrange ‘change of signature’ form in time for AGM to be signed by the incoming management committee.
  • Maintains an outline of the treasurers duties and procedures for the next incumbent
  • Orders badges and distributes to members

Class co-ordinator

  • Prepares timetable for all classes and activities
  • Maintains regular contact with tutors
  • Maintain information pack for tutors including the guidelines for tutors, insurance details, and draft accident report form
  • Ensures each new tutor receives a copy of the information pack for tutors before taking a U3A Gympie Inc. class
  • Prepare tutor folder which includes: attendance sheets, petty cash book and coin envelopes for each class.  Explain to tutor how fees collected are delivered to the Treasurer
  • Consults committee if in doubt as to suitability of any class or tutor
  • Provides class registers
  • Books venues for classes and maintains good relations with venue managers
  • Provides up-to-date information about current courses / activities to the committee, Newsletter Editor and Publicity Officer
  • When required, takes enrolments for classes
  • Keep a waiting list of financial and prospective members wanting to join particular classes
  • Advises Treasurer of accounts to be paid
  • Organises annual tutors’ get together at start of school year
  • Maintains an up to date list of tutors
  • Maintains an outline of the Class co-ordinator’s duties and procedures for the next incumbent.
  • Prepare a report for committee meetings
  • Distributes annual membership cards

Newsletter Editor

  • Collects newsworthy items and course information
  • Takes and / or arranges to have taken photos of U3A activities
  • Monitors other U3A newsletters as well as U3A websites
  • Writes, and edits quarterly newsletter. Contents to include:
    •   Class times and venues
    •  Term dates
    •  Dates of any other events
    •  Editor’s column
    •  President’s column
    •  Contribution from members
    •  News from other branches of U3A if appropriate
    •  Any other relevant material (eg: National Conference)
  • Oversees proof reading, final corrections and printing
  • Arranges, with assistance from Treasurer for newsletter to be distributed to members, libraries, other U3A’s and other outlets
  • Maintains an outline of the Newsletter’s Editor’s duties for the next incumbent

Publicity Officer

  • Submits regular press releases, provides photographs, and sends them to local media
  • Writes short feature articles, provides appropriate photographs and any other material as requested for newspaper supplements and other media
  • Maintains good liaison with all local media representatives
  • Takes frequent photos for publicity and newsletter use
  • Advises committee on new promotional possibilities
  • Maintain a publicity scrapbook
  • Maintains an outline of the Publicity Officer’s duties and procedures for next incumbent


The signed nomination form must be returned to the Secretary, U3A Gympie, Inc. at PO Box 600 Gympie 4570, handed to a committee member or tutors or by *email at by 5.00pm, Friday, 19 February 2021.

 * The Proposer and Seconder are to confirm their support for the nomination and to ensure that their email includes the name of the Nominee.

 A detailed list of nominees, the proposers and seconders will be posted to the U3A Gympie’s website, Facebook page and an email will be sent to all members no later than Wednesday, 24 February 2021.

All members are invited to attend

the U3A Gympie Inc.

Annual General Meeting

to be held at the

Gympie Bowls Club

16 Bowlers Drive, Southside,

commencing at 2.00pm on 

Thursday, 4 March 2021.

The purpose of this meeting is

to elect members to the Management Committee.

All members are encouraged to nominate for a position.