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Puzzles + Social Interaction -> big benefits

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

In a recent ABC news article, research has shown that puzzles done in a social setting helps prevent cognitive decline.

U3A Gympie has a new class – Cryptic Crosswords – An Introduction that will run during Term 1 on Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00

The word “cryptic” means “mysteriously obscure, secret, hidden.” The setter of cryptic crosswords is always trying to mislead the solver in some way. There are ways to unlock the mystery of the clues; to understand the language of the clue. This introductory course will teach you some of the tricks to solving cryptic crosswords.

For example:

Cutlery awarded as second prize: SILVER (a double meaning)

• Faulty machine requiring call initially to person who will fix it: MECHANIC (faulty indicates an anagram of machine requiring the initial letter of call)

Swap joint with coppers: CHOP AND CHANGE (joint of meat is a chop and coppers mean change in old money)

• You need these we hear, to see small particles: SPECKS (we hear indicates sound effects -specs needed to see sounds like specks/small particles

Complete novices welcome. Come along or sign up online.

Please bring:

A pencil and an eraser

A crossword dictionary, if you have one

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