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President’s Notes

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

Term 3 classes are underway and with the Flu and COVID case numbers rising it’s timely to think about keeping yourself and your classmates safe. You can find links to some useful information about this on our website news section .
There have been some Management Committee changes recently. Marilyn Dean is now officially our new Treasurer. Susan Hayes has taken over the role of Newsletter Editor from Lindy Bell. Janet Bates has resigned from the Committee due to unforeseen circumstances.
It has been a busy few weeks on the technology front. We were able to take advantage of the Google Workspaces for Nonprofits arrangement and this has been implemented. Committee members met at USC campus to learn about the new system for emails and sharing documents. This should make administration more efficient once everyone becomes familiar with the system.
In addition our website has been redesigned. If you haven’t looked at it recently I hope you will visit at and I would appreciate any feedback. Another technical innovation is progressing with current member details being uploaded to our MyU3A account. My aim (hopefully not too ambitious) is to have it functioning for term 4. MyU3A will eventually allow new members to join, existing members to renew their membership and sign up for classes. Those who prefer to do all this manually will still be able to do so.

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