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Online security tips

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

The material below is from Dashlane – they have a password manager which I use. So there will be some advertising for their product but the information is worth considering. Follow the links if you want more information.” Featured image  by FlyD on Unsplash

Password Best Practices

👁 Globally, it’s estimated that over half of passwords are reused, meaning if one of your passwords is compromised, a cybercriminal could access many of your accounts. Learn how to make your passwords stronger and more resistant to bad actors.
🔒 Following a few basic password rules can help keep your accounts safe. Learn the top do’s and don’ts of creating robust passwords.
🚨 Sharing logins with others in unsecure channels (like email or messaging apps) can be dangerous. Find out why sharing passwords without a password manager is risky.
👨🏽‍💻 A strong password should be long, avoid common phrases, and not include personal info. (A Password Generator does all that for you.) Check out these tips & tricks to create safer passwords.

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