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Our membership and class management system

From July 2023 U3A Gympie adopted Member Wizard to manage membership and classes. It also allows us to manage any events we hold such as our Annual Luncheon. Just like most voluntary organisations it is proving difficult to recruit members for the management committee. It is therefore  important to reduce the workload on committee members wherever possible. Member Wizard is one of those ways. It is easy to use and doesn’t require a high level of technical know-how to operate.

In addition Member Wizard have consulted U3A groups and built a system that works well for U3A. This is evidenced by the fact that over half of the U3A groups in Queensland have signed up and they are now extending into other States of Australia.

Some other reasons we chose Member Wizard

  1. Member Wizard is a Queensland, Australia based online member management application. It is designed, built and supported from here in Queensland. Data is hosted on servers based in our region. Phone and email support is available from 8am till 6pm 7 days a week. Zoom training is available free of charge.
  2. They helped import and set up our data and gave us 3 months to trial Member Wizard before committing to join. During that time full support and training was provided free of charge. Support was prompt and excellent.
  3. It is a fully integrated solution which allows us to manage communication, finances, class scheduling, event management and course membership all from one place from anywhere there is an internet connection including on a smart phone.
  4. It provides our members with a Member Portal which will allow them to access and update their personal details, pay any owing amounts and enrol in a class.
  5. We can send emails or SMS’s to our membership.
  6. We can host events, have a link on our website which connects back to Member Wizard to allow members to purchase tickets or to register for the event and Member Wizard will provide a full list of registrations including any money owed.
  7. We can manage and maintain class offerings through Member Wizard directly on to our website so no uploading by webmasters is required – updates in Member Wizard automatically and seamlessly appear online on our website.
  8. We have linked a credit card payment facility to our Member Wizard system which will allow our members to pay securely online via their credit or debit card. If a member pays online through their credit card the system will automatically receipt them, increment their member due date and send them a receipt. Members choosing to direct deposit are given a reference ID to include on their deposit to aid our Treasurer.
  9. We can send out membership renewals which include a payment link.
  10. We were able to put a link for new members to join and pay online on our website.
  11. Member Wizard  conduct full training via Zoom free of charge to those trialing the system and to continuing clients.
  12. Member Wizard contains a complete finance system – receipt/expense to balance sheet/profit and loss. It also includes an audit trail for added security so there is no need for  expensive subscriptions to finance programs like MYOB or Zero. Member Wizard will also link images or pdf’s of invoices to the relevant expense in our system so there is no need to retain paper copies.