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General Meeting 3rd November

Our constitution requires that membership fees to be set by members at a General Meeting the General Meeting to be held on the 3rd of November at The Reg English Tennis Centre, English Drive, 35 Cartwright Road, Gympie at 10:00 am.. Your Management Committee is proposing that the annual membership fee be increased to $30.00. Here are some points for you to consider before attending the meeting

  • annual membership fee has not increased for at least a decade
  • admin costs have gone up significantly
  • last year our costs exceeded our revenue
  • we must increase our revenue or be forced to close
  • the proposed $30.00 annual membership fee will cover administrative costs
  • admin costs have to be met regardless of the number of classes you attend
  • admin costs don’t include class running costs
  • sharing admin costs equally among members is fair and will allow class fees to stay low
  • otherwise, raising class fees to cover basic admin costs is unfair – the proportion you pay to cover admin costs increases the more classes you attend.


In the August newsletter I reported on my survey of membership fees of Queensland U3As. The median or middle value was $30 and the average was $40. So the proposed fee is fairly typical of fees charged throughout Queensland.  But we are not suggesting an increase to stay in line with other groups. It is the responsibility of the Management Committee to ensure the viability of Gympie U3A. Revenue has to increase or we face closure. I believe this proposal will have the least financial impact on members and is the fairest way of sharing admin costs among members. I urge members to support the membership fee increase.

If you are unable to attend the meeting you can lodge a proxy vote. See below for a form.

Greg Jones

President U3A Gympie Inc.

The completed proxy voting form must be lodged with the secretary before the commencement of the meeting. View the form below

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