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How to enrol in classes via MyU3A

Enrolling | Paying by Card | Receipts | Changing an enrolment | Download copy as PDF

After you login the first screen is the Membership Status 2023*  [* The current year is displayed]

This shows what has been paid and any amount owing.

From this screen click on the classes button for the relevant year. In this example Classes 2023.

The next screen shows any classes that you are already enrolled in and allows you to select more classes. In this example their are no existing classes. Click on the Classes 2023 button to get a list of classes. OR if you have finished selecting classes click on the Next button.

After clicking on the Classes 2023 button a list of all the classes is displayed.

Instead of working through the whole list you can use the buttons to select a day of the week OR narrow the list down using one of the category buttons.

In this example the member wants to enrol in a Poetry class so clicks the category Reading Writing & Poetry.

Scroll down the list to the required class and click in the Request check box.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Next button

This will take you back to the Class Status screen where you can enrol in another class by clicking the Classes 2023 button and following the same procedure OR if you have finished click the Next button. This member has finished so the Next button is clicked.

This takes us back to the Membership Satus screen where you can see your financial status and any amounts owing. In this example the member is financial and the fee for the class is $20 and shown in red as owing.

The next step is to pay using the Proceed to Payment button.

Here is where you choose how you want to pay.

Using a credit card or debit card use – Pay Online 2023

If you want to pay by another method e.g. Bank Transfer (EFT) use – Pay Office button.

We don’t currently have an office so if you want to pay by cash you will need to attend an Open Day or sign-on OR pay the Tutor or Class Coordinator who will be visiting classes in the first couple of weeks of term.

Paying by credit or debit card

The payment gateway* that we use is eWay. It uses the highest level of encryption for the transaction similar to PayPal etc. You card details ARE NOT STORED by eWay or U3A Gympie.
[*fancy term for the financial institution that processes the payment and passes it on to our bank account]

Clicking on the Pay Online 2023 button will take you to thInitiate on line payment screen. The exit button will take you back to the payment options screen.

To pay by credit or debit card click on the eWay icon.

The customer details should be filled in automatically from your member profile.

Fill in the card details and then click the PAY NOW button

A notification screen is displayed after a successful payment

Next click on the Classes button which will take you to the Member Status screen.

In this example it now shows that $40 has been paid for 2023 fees (membership and 1 class) with $0 owing.

You have the option of printing this page. To print click the Print button and a PDF is generated.

The Back button allows you to edit your profile and revise your class selection.

What to do if you want to change your mind about a class.

If you have finished click Exit and you will exit out of MyU3A and return to our website.

Online payment receipts

If you paid online you should receive two forms of receipt.

One will be an email from

This members enrolled in My Kind of Poetry and received this email after paying online.

You should also receive an email containing a receipt from eWay.

Changing an enrolment

After selecting a class you are returned to the Class Status screen.

In this example the member selected the French class by mistake but hasn’t paid for it.

By ticking the box for the class that you don’t want you can then choose a reason for changing the enrollment.

Next click delete and the class is removed.