GERMAN – Details to follow.

SPANISH – We have two starting times for this class, an earlier start for beginners and a later join-in time for those who habla un poquito de Espanol. There is always lots of fun and laughter, coffee and nibbles and even some learning.

TRAVELLER’S FRENCH – A short, one term course, suitable for absolute beginners. This 9 week course will suit those about to travel to a French speaking country, such as Belgium, Canada, Vanuatu or even France. It is also suitable for anyone who just wants to sample the language.

LITERATURE – In this class we choose a piece to read, then we discuss various features of thewriting style used. We are starting 2018 by studying ‘The Boat Girls’ by Margaret Mayhew.

CREATIVE WRITING – Each member of the class takes a turn to plan a lesson. Homework is shared and friendly suggestions made to help improve our writing styles.

MY KIND OF POETRY – Details to follow.

MEMOIR WRITING – A really interesting class comparing and sharing life experiences before setting it down on the page.

BOOK CLUBS – Book Clubs promote healthy ageing by stimulating and enlarging our minds through the adventures we experience in the books we read each month. We have two book clubs, Bookworms (Wednesday) and Bookends (Thursday), with both classes reading a different book each month. We meet for 2 hours to talk about the chosen book. But that’s not all we do. We share, we laugh, we are shocked and amazed, we shed a tear – we even discuss the book. Some of us do research online for reviews and information, but our morning is relaxed and informal with a welcome break for morning tea. being in a book club challenges us to read an eclectic range of books that we may not have chosen for ourselves – with some good and some not so good. Recent reads include The Zookeeper’s Wife, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, Brooklyn, Galore and The Song Collector.   *** Phone 0490 757 458 to register your interest in either group, or in starting another. ***

SMARTPHONES & TABLETS – Bring your personal device and learn how to get more out of it by using all those confusing aps! At the very least you will learn how to use your phone to make phone calls, send and receives emails and access the internet. You will also learn how to adjust your settings to make your phone or tablet more user friendly.
Suitable for absolute beginners.

LAPTOP COMPUTERS – Bring your personal device and learn how to get more out of it by using the various programs installed. We start with the basics such as turning on the computer, using the keyboard, using the mouse and accessing the internet. We learn some key terms and set up the opening screen to make the computer more user friendly. As the year progresses we build on our knowledge and skills – by the end of the year you will, hopefully, be so confident you become a class helper.
At the moment we have two laptop computer classes, one suitable for absolute beginners and one for those with some skills.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Offers both instruction for beginners and challenges for more experienced students. The class meets at a variety of locations around Gympie to photograph a different subject each week.

DRAWING – Do you draw stick figures and lollypop trees, but wish you could do better? If you have always wanted to “have a go at art” but were not sure where to start, this is the class for you. It offers instruction for beginners and challenges for the more experienced students. Absolute beginners welcome.

SINGING FOR PLEASURE – Sings a variety of old time songs, taking turns to select the repertoire.

RETRO JUKEBOX SINGERS – If you enjoy singing rock and roll hits from the fifties and sixties, this is the class for you. We practise weekly and perform for various community groups throughout the year. You may also like to put on your best rock-a-billy outfit for performances – most of us do! It’s always fun. Remember – you are never too old to rock and roll.

TEMPO – Tempo is a performance group of vocalists and a guitarist. We learn new songs and rehearse our small repertoire weekly, presenting them at a few performances throughout the year.

AQUA-JOULES – Suitable for all fitness levels, Aqua-joules jump into a heated pool and go through a range of gentle actions to help maintain and improve your fitness level. Using the water to cushion your body we do things like running in the water, using pool noodles to create muscle strengthening resistance and even some aerobic activity.

TUTORS NEEDED – We are always on the lookout for new ideas for classes and for Tutors to run them. See our Volunteer page for more details.