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An Enjoyable Journey: U3A Gympie’s Day Out Courtesy of Gympie RSL

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

An Enjoyable Journey: U3A Gympie’s Day Out to Sunshine Beach

I’m eager to share the story of our memorable trip to the Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club, a day filled with the unpredictable whims of the weather, laughter, and the irreplaceable company of friends. This adventure was made even more special thanks to the generosity of Gympie RSL, who loaned us the 12-seater bus that became our chariot of joy for the day.

As we embarked from Gympie, the skies alternated between overcast and rain, setting a dramatic stage for our journey. Yet, inside our bus,  the atmosphere was anything but gloomy. The air buzzed with conversations and laughter which kept our spirits high.

As we arrived at our destination, the majestic view of the ocean greeted us, its vastness a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us. The Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club stood as a warm haven, ready to welcome our merry band.

Our time together was a celebration of camaraderie, marked not by the food we ate but by the shared experiences and the stunning backdrop of Sunshine Beach. It was a vivid reminder that joy comes not from the intricacies of a menu but from the company we share and the beauty we take in together.

This trip wasn’t just a journey in miles but a journey of the heart. From the laughter-filled bus ride to the warm reception at our destination, the day was a testament to the adventurous spirit of U3A Gympie and the bonds that tie us.

As we returned to Gympie, hearts full and spirits lifted, there was a shared feeling of gratitude for the day, for each other, and for Gympie RSL’s generous support. It’s days like these that remind us of the beauty in adventure, the value of friendship, and the joy of exploring together.

Here’s to more shared adventures, laughter, and memories with U3A Gympie, and a heartfelt thank you to Lyn, our Event Coordinator, and Barry our volunteer driver, for helping make this day possible. Until our next outing, let’s keep our spirits adventurous and our hearts open to new experiences.

Disclosure: I wasn’t able to attend so I asked ChatGPT to imagine the trip using feedback I received about the trip. A big thank you to Lyn for her initiative in organising the day and the bus. Also it wouldn’t have been possible without a driver – so many thanks to Barry Moore for volunteering to drive in what turned out to some challenging conditions. For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT it is an Artificial Intelligence system that responds to instructions (prompts) from the user (in this case me).

An article written by an actual participant, member Gussie Morgan will be included in the April issue of our newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter by email you can subscribe here. Or read it on our website – go to the News section of the menu.


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