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Annual Lunch Delights 48 Guests Despite Last-Minute Hurdles

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

In a remarkable turnout for the Annual Lunch on Thursday, the 26th, a total of 48 attendees, including members and guests, gathered for a day of enjoyment. Although 54 people were initially registered for the event, unforeseen circumstances prevented six individuals from attending.

The event offered a wide array of raffle prizes, with ticket sales briskly circulating throughout. The organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to the generous prize donors.

Rod Lewis, stepping in as the Master of Ceremonies, set a jovial atmosphere for the event with his humorous opening remarks. The gathering kicked off with a warm welcome from President Greg Jones, followed by an array of captivating entertainment.

The Retro Singers graced the audience with a medley of popular tunes, with attendees enthusiastically joining in, prompted by the provided lyrics. The event continued with Rod Lewis reading one of Carol Nugent’s amusing poems and a delightful skit performed by the French class, intended to introduce some basic French phrases.

Regrettably, the scheduled guest speaker was unable to attend due to COVID-19 concerns. In response, President Greg Jones provided an informative overview of the U3A organization’s history and the origins of its name.

An unexpected repair work situation forced a change of venue, relocating the meal from the original Poppy Room to an upstairs area in the Bistro. After the raffle prizes were drawn, everyone transitioned to this new location, where they enjoyed a delicious lunch and engaged in further conversations.

Organizers received an abundance of positive feedback, leaving them eagerly anticipating an even larger and more successful event in the coming year.

A photo gallery has been created.  The Gallery can be found here.

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