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AI & U3A Qld Conference Theme: ‘U3A Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

U3A Gympie

I composed a poem with a little help

Yesterday, oh yesterday,
A time so sweet and dear,
Memories of moments passed,
That still bring joy and cheer.

Today, oh today,
A time to work and strive,
To make the most of every hour,
And keep our dreams alive.

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow,
A time we cannot see,
But hope and faith will guide us on,
To where we’re meant to be.

For though the past is gone,
And the present soon will fade,
The future is forever bright,
And holds the plans we’ve made.

So let us cherish yesterday,
And live fully in today,
For tomorrow’s promise shines ahead,
And beckons us on our way.

It may surprise you that the ‘little help’ was ChatGPT the Artificial Intelligence program that has been in the news lately. This was my first use of the program and I think its rather impressive given that it took a couple of seconds to produce.

I then asked it produce an outline history of U3A:

U3A, which stands for University of the Third Age, is a global movement that offers educational and social opportunities to people in their third age of life. Here is an outline of the history of U3A:

  1. Origins: U3A was first established in France in 1972 as “Université du Troisième Âge” by Professor Pierre Vellas. The idea was to provide educational opportunities for retired individuals who wanted to continue learning and sharing their knowledge and skills with others.
  2. Growth: The U3A movement spread to other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, there are U3A organizations in over 90 countries worldwide.
  3. Philosophy: U3A is based on the principle of self-help and mutual aid. Members organize and lead their own courses, and there is no formal teaching or assessment. U3A also emphasizes the social aspect of learning, with many groups engaging in social activities and outings.
  4. Evolution: Over the years, U3A has evolved to include a wide range of activities, from academic courses to arts and crafts, physical fitness, and technology. U3A also emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and personal growth.
  5. Impact: U3A has had a significant impact on the lives of many older adults, providing opportunities for continued learning, socialization, and personal fulfillment. It has also helped to combat ageism and promote intergenerational understanding.

In summary, U3A has a rich history that reflects the changing needs and aspirations of older adults. From its origins in France to its global reach today, U3A continues to promote lifelong learning and social engagement for people in their third age of life.

What do you think?

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