U3A Gympie is run entirely by volunteers for our members.  We have recently held our Annual General Meeting and elected the Management Committee for 2022/2023.  The list of the committee members and their position is available on the About Us page. The URL is: https://u3agympie.com/about-us/.

The position of Newspaper Editor was not filled and is now a ‘Casual Vacancy’ so if you are interested in applying for this position, please email the Secretary at u3a@u3agympie.com.  Please note that the position of Secretary and Treasurer will become vacant in approximately four months so if you are interested, contact the Secretary at u3a@u3agympie.com.  The current incumbent is prepared to remain as an assistant for both positions.

TUTOR OR FACILITATE – Do you have skills or knowledge you would enjoy sharing with others? Perhaps you speak a foreign language, have artistic skills or know a great deal about an interesting topic. Our Class Coordinator can find members who are keen to form a class with which you can share these.

Some activities need organisers rather than tutors. Perhaps you would enjoy pursuing some other interest with like-minded people? Our Class Coordinator looks after these groups too.

COMMITTEE MEMBERSAll Management Committee positions are declared vacant at the Annual General Meeting. Positions also sometimes become available at other times of the year. If you have some great ideas for U3A Gympie, and some useful skills, please consider nominating for a position on the Committee at the next opportunity.

NON-COMMITTEE MEMBERSCommittee members have many tasks to do and can always use some help. If you are considering nominating for a Committee position, being a Non-Committee Member is a great way to learn the ropes. We currently have two Non-Committee Members and are looking for more members.

VOLUNTEERS – There are also numerous opportunities for more casual volunteering, from writing receipts at Open Day or staffing promotional displays to providing extra help to students in IT classes. Whether you can spare a few hours a week, a month or even as a one off sometime during the year, your help would be appreciated.