U3A Gympie is run entirely by members for members. We are all volunteers. If you would like to help, there are various oportunities:

TUTOR – Do you have skills or knowledge you would enjoy sharing with others? Perhaps you speak a foreign language, have artistic skills or know a great deal about an interesting topic. Our Class Co-ordinator can find members who are keen to form a class for you to share these with.

FACILITATE – Do you have an interest you would enjoy pursuing with like minded people? Perhaps you would enjoy sharing travellers tales, discussing philosophy or collaborating to write a recipe book. Some activities need organisers rather than tutors. Our Class Co-ordiinator looks after these too.

COMMITTEE – Committee members have a big job to do and can always use some help. Whether you can spare a few hours a week, a month or even as a one off sometime during the year, your help would be appreciated.


Facilitator – to organise a venue and guest speakers for four events throughout the year. Each event would have a theme, such as Money Matters. Guest speakers could cover related topics such as Pension Entitlements, Writing Your Will, Downsizing, Budgetting and so on. Morning or Afternoon Tea could be included. You could Facilitate all four events, or just one of the four.

Spokesperson – someone to staff a table of publicity materials, answer questions, distribute leaflets and collect contact details for later follow-up by the Class Co-ordinator. (We have a Publicity Officer who also does this, but there are times when Retro Jukebox Singers need her too.) Needed at various time throughout the year on an ad hoc basis.