President’s Page

August 2021

Hello everyone, it’s been a pretty slow month for me, whether that was from not much happening, or illness or covid I’m not sure.  So far I have been unable to make it to any of our Wednesday meetings, but hopefully it’s in the diary for this week. I look forward to seeing the developments.

It seems that covid is creeping closer to us, so we must all be aware of the proprieties that exist for safe practises. I think we do very well covering all procedures, so I think U3A Gympie is well covered. But, if lockdown comes to this area, we will have to make some serious decisions quickly.

There will be a ‘fair’ in Imbil for the purpose of recycling, sustainable living, etc,.  I will be attending for boomerang bags, so I thought maybe I could take a few brochures along for U3A. My coordinator doesn’t have a problem with this so thought it might be an idea for getting us out to the broader community.

That’s it


July 2021

Welcome to our July meeting…hard to believe that we are in the 2nd half of the year already. As our classes have just started, here’s hoping for safe term 3.

I’m looking forward to our fortnightly ‘brainstorming sessions. Once we get organised, I’m hoping it will help by cutting the time for our monthly meetings.

The sign on day went well, but was rather slow. Like Denice, I’m wondering if it was because it was in the afternoon or just a cold day, so people stayed home. Enrolments in the next couple of weeks will let us know which is better, morning or afternoon.

We still haven’t found us a publicity officer. I’m not sure how to go about getting one, it seems we have tried everything we can think of. Any new ideas would be appreciated.

The Retro Jukebox group will be performing at Cooinda Aged Care Centre on the 20th July. I will get some photos of them performing on stage.

Not too much from me, enjoy term 3.



June 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to our June meeting. It’s been a bit of an up and down month for me, feeling poorly, feeling better, feeling poorly…hopefully that is behind me now. Thanks to Lindy for another great newsletter, you do a great job.

Mary, Lindy and I had a meeting with Kara Tebbit from council regarding suitable premises that we can call home. There are a few things to consider when taking this approach, one being if we can afford the expenses that will incur for a new home for us. If this happens, it might be time to consider some fundraising activities for the future. Any suggestions would be appreciated. While it is exciting to think this may happen, we have to be able to pay whatever costs are involved.

Next week, we are having our afternoon tea for tutors. I’m hoping as many committee members as possible can turn up to say thank you to these wonderful people who give their time week in and week out with no monetary thanks.

It seems that all classes are going well. Just a reminder that I will not be taking the aqua exercise group in term 3, but Sarah will be doing it. So far there is quite a bit of interest in those wanting to return.




April 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new committee members. I haven’t had a chance to welcome you before, circumstances stopped me coming to our last meeting. I sincerely hope that you are enjoying your new roles.

Regretfully, Beryl has had to resign because of ill health. At the moment, Mary is doing the secretary’s job, but we need someone else to take this over. If any of you feel you are able to do this, please put your hand up. It is a big job, but I’m sure it would be very satisfying.

I must commend Lindy on her first newsletter, great job Lindy, I look forward to many more.

As we go into Term 2, I wish all of you happy committee days.

I have written on our Facebook page that our sign on day will be on the 13th April, so hopefully I can say at this time that we have had a very successful couple of hours. Thanks to all who helped out.

We have had a very good offer from Avenues regarding our classes. So far, we need another 11/2 hours to get this offer. If you know any class that would like to move to Avenues, get in touch with Denice.

As members of the executive staff, sometimes decisions have to be made on the spur of the moment. When these decisions are made, sometimes the decision maker cops flak. They are always made with more than one member of the executive committee making them. It doesn’t mean the rest of you have been ignored, the decision was made for the best for U3A, not personal grounds.

So next month is the state conference in Stanthorpe. I must say I am looking forward to it, and a bit apprehensive at the same time. Thank you, Lindy, for stepping up as my ‘partner in crime’ so to speak, and thanks Denice for stepping back and allowing her to take your place.  Let’s all aspire to have a great term 2.




March 2021

Hello Members,

As we come to the end of a very successful Term 1, I wish you all a safe and happy Easter break. If you are travelling, take care and keep up with the new COVID requirements. As I write this, it seems that we may have lockdown again in the near future. We can do this people, just be aware of where you are and, if you are unwell, stay home.

For next term, which starts on 19 April, we will have a Sign on Day on Tuesday, 13 April from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm. For full details see Treasurer’s Report below.

The benefits of great communication are well known, so your committee has added a Contact Us form on our website to be used by current and potential new members. Please use this form to communicate with U3A Gympie committee members.

I have also requested that a ‘feedback email’ be set up for my personal use. So if you are happy with U3A Gympie, please tell your friends. If not, please direct your feedback to me at to allow me the opportunity to address the problem. Our group can only improve with honest feedback, and helpful suggestions for improvement are always welcome. This and other new email addresses will be listed in the Contact Us page on our website

The U3A Network QLD State Conference is coming up in May, with Lindy Bell and myself attending. It will be our first U3A conference, so a bit excited and a bit wary about it. But I’m sure we will muddle our way through it.

That’s all from me, see you next term.