Term 1 – 29th January to 5th April

Term 2 – 23rd April to 28th June

Term 3 – 15th July to 20th September

Term 4 – 8th October to 13th December



Membership is $20.00 per calendar year. Membership paid after October will carry through into the following calendar year, but we do not offer late joiners any other discount.


Classes are $20.00 per unit. Different classes have different numbers of units per year. Students provide their own stationery and other materials as needed, although in some cases a Tutor will provide materials for the class for an additional charge.

Weekly Classes – 1 Unit per Term (4 Units per year)

Fortnightly Classes – 1 Unit per Semester (2 Units per year)

Monthly Classes – 1 Unit per Year


The cost of Social Activities varies. Some are either free or at a commercial venue where you can decide how much to spend. Other Activities carry a cost which is advised well ahead of time.


As we don’t have a permanent office, you can’t just drop in and pay for membership, classes, etcetera. There are a number of alternatives available, however.

Open Day – in mid January each year we have an Open Day, showcasing our activities and classes for the coming year. You can speak to our Class Coordinator, several of our Tutors and various Committee members. You can also make payments for membership and classes.

Displays – from time to time throughout the year we have displays, usually in conjunction with a community event, such as Winter Trees on Mary. There is always someone available to whom you can pay your money.

Classes – you can pay for membership and classes in the first or second lesson of each unit. A committee member will drop in with a receipt book to collect any payments.

Social Activities – every Tuesday during term, we meet for lunch and on the last weekday of the month we meet for Coffee With Friends. Prospective members often use these as a chance to find out more about us, and you can also make payments.

Bendigo Bank – you can pay money directly into our account, either in person over the counter or by direct deposit online. Please put your initial and surname in the “description” space of the deposit. Make sure you have a copy of your receipt to attach to your membership/enrolment form for our records. (You can always email a photo or screenshot to our Treasurer –

Bendigo Bank

 BSB:  633000

Account Name:  U3A Gympie Inc

Account Number:  156 399 636


Newsletter – General items should be submitted no later than the 25th of the preceding month, with Committee reports due last day of the month, ready to print.

Term Schedule – Changes or additions should be submitted no later than the end of the preceding term.

Website – Anything for the website should be submitted no later than Monday afternoon each week of term.

Agenda – All agenda items should be submitted no later than the preceding Thursday. This also applies to written reports.

Publicity – Anything to be publicised should be submitted as far ahead of time as possible, with a minimum of one month’s advance notice. Please consult directly with our Publicity Officer or other relevant committee member.


President – Susan Hayes

Vice-President – Carol Nugent

Treasurer – Mary Inman

Secretary – Francoise Gregory

Registrar – Anne Manson

Class Coordinator – Denice McDougall

News Editor – Karen Reibelt

Publicity Officer – Lynlie Cross

Social Coordinator – Denise Neilsen

General Member – Desley Matthews

ABN – 61 101 289 086

IAN – 37053

U3A Gympie holds Public Liability Insurance, Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance and Association Liability Insurance.through U3A Network Queensland.