Hello everyone, welcome to U3A Gympie.

U3A Gympie began in 1987 and currently have over 250 members. We are a self-help, adult education group providing a range of educational, physically and socially stimulating activities for older people. We aim to be both interesting and fun. We do not cater for children, so our members are mostly empty nesters, semi-retired or retired. We particularly cater for those over 50. The emphasis is on enjoyment, so no homework, no tests and no pressure.

Because our organisation is run entirely by volunteers, with all our classes, social activities and administration provided by members, our membership costs are very low. There are no awards, no entry requirements, no exams and no other barriers which might prevent people with limited incomes from joining. The self-help education ideal underpinning U3A makes a lot of sense, because people from all backgrounds retire with a wide range of skills, and these skills are put to excellent use through U3A.

U3A was founded in Toulouse, France in 1972. It began as a university based organisation, but quickly evolved into something less formal. the concept of self-help and mutual sharing was introduced and now forms the backbone of U3A groups around the world.

There are more than 3000 groups spread over all continents and there are more than 200 independent U3A groups in Australia.  There are about 34 U3A groups in Queensland, representing a total membership of about 24,000 people.

Join us. Find out what we are all about. Discover what we can offer you and what you can offer us. Lets have some fun learning something new.